All Nippon Airways, NH467 Flight Review (en/id)

Updated: Jul 18, 2018


Aircraft : B777-281 Registration : JA713A Seat : 7H

Route : HND-OKA

Lounge View

Had an early morning start, checked in and headed to the ANA Gold Lounge. I was hoping there was breakfast, then it transpires that there is no food and only drinks. So I grabbed the classic cold coffee from the brewer. Stayed around 40 minutes at the lounge and proceeded to the departures area. Had a nice freshly made smoked salmon baguette and sat at the gate, nothing much to see at the departures area. Boarding started, had a priority boarding pass and greeted a warm welcome from the purser. Boarding was efficient and pushed back two minutes early.

At Gate 60 for Departure

Wingview from seat 7K
Wingview from seat 7K

Taxied to runway 05 and passed the B777-200 with Star Wars Jet C3P0 Livery. Climbed and turned right headed Southwards to Taiwan.

20 minutes to the flight, crews started to serve beverage service. There were no inflight meals for this 2 hours 30 minutes flight. There were varieties of drinks but no alcohol drinks. Mainly Japanese green tea, soup broth, juices, and cokes. A crew came by with a tray of Haagen Dazs ice cream offering to all passengers. I asked one and thinking it was free, after receiving it I had to pay 300 yen. Ice cream was rock hard.

While waiting to melt, I tried the onboard wifi and it was free for all classes. Wifi worked for only social medias, except Instagram and Snapchat. But connections was good

A cabin crew came and gave me some ANA postcards.

We landed 5 minutes late because of the strong headwind. It was the day before a typhoon hit Okinawa and made few flights cancelled. While taxiing, passed four P-3 Orions and F16s. No window seat today. Quick photo with the crew then it’s time to say sayonara to JA713A.

Quick picture with the friendly purser and cabin crew